We are using the same numbers that we used for the previous problems. Please use

We are using the same numbers that we used for the previous problems. Please use the same file you used for the payback problems and add a tab marked NPV. This time you will compare the projects using the NPV method. Please use a 10% discount rate.
To get full credit please do the following:
Define the technique in detail.
Discuss the difference between this method and the others we have used so far.
Analyze the numbers in the problem using an excel spreadsheet.
Use a 10% discount rate.
You must use Excel formulas which are on the ribbon in Excel marked Fx to make your calculations whenever possible. Do not write your own formulas unless absolutely necessary.
All information must be in Excel (Word documents will not be read and you will not get credit).
Remember to carry out your answers at least two decimal places.
Add a new tab on your original excel file and submit this project.
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