There are many types of microscopes available for scientific research. The choic

There are many types of microscopes available for scientific research. The choice of microscope varies depending on a number of factors, including cost and specimen size.
For this task, you will analyze the levels of organization in an organism (plant or animal) of interest to you. Then, you will explain how each organization level might be scientifically studied.
You should include:
A brief description of the selected organism, including its general classification (plant or animal).
Examples of each organization level (molecules, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems) in the selected organism.
A photo or drawing illustrating the organization levels you are using as examples.
Characterization of how each organization level can be visualized (naked eye or microscope).
The specific type of microscope(s) that might be used at each level.
You are required, at some point in the assignment, to cover the difference between compound and dissecting microscopes.
Your submission should be either:
A one page written essay including the required image(s), or
A visualization or sketch that identifies and clearly communicates the necessary information. This can be a diagram, chart, or even an infographic (some labels or text should be included to annotate the different elements, however they are arrayed). The primary requirement is that it accomplish all of what is described in the bullets above.
This sketch can be done on paper and submitted as a photograph, but everything must be clear enough to be assessed for the work to be accepted

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