Students will be required to post the practicum agency they are attending this s

Students will be required to post the practicum agency they are attending this semester. The paper MUST include the following information:
1, The organization/agency’s mission, function, and type of setting
SRZ Management LLC, commonly known as “Reach LTC”, is the second-largest provider in Missouri, offering skilled nursing services, rehabilitative therapies, specialty services, and memory care, SRZ entered the post-acute market in Missouri in 2018. The company continues to grow in physical locations and market-share, elevating clinical offerings, specialty services, and excellence in both care and services. A premier provider in the post-acute care industry, the company is in the midst of rebranding to better represent the provider portfolio. Tagline/Vision statement: “Making a difference in the lives of others.” Mission: We strive to be quality providers within the landscape of post-acute care; to elevate the quality of life of those we serve through clinical excellence and extraordinary service. Core values: Respect Ethics Accountability Compassion Honesty
Hospital & Health Care
Company size
1001-5000 employees
post-acute care, skilled nursing, memory care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, long term care, rehabilitation, medicare, Medicaid, and managed care
Affiliated pages

SRZ Management “Reach LTC”
Hospital & Health Care
St. Louis, MO
2. The type of agency (e.g. size, staffing, etc.). Clients served, and how those services are delivered. This facility
Ballwin Ridge is Medicare, Certified nursing home operating with 45 residents and 66 certified bed its
3. Agencies that provide similar services or that make up a connective web of services.
Lutheran senior service in Breeze park, NHC of Maryland Heights are just a few of facility’s that make up a web of services for the elderly or for needing a place for rehab which is two to four weeks or to stay until you die.
4. How is the agency funded or financed? Does it receive federal, state, or local funds? Are grant(s) provided through philanthropic organizations? Is there a combination of funding?
Ballwin Health and Rehabilitation is part of Reach LTC SRZ, and it is a Profit. and pervade service for Medicare and medicated service, short term and long-term care, and except all typed of ins.
6. Discuss issues related to the agency’s success in implementing its mission. Do the agency’s services impact a vulnerable group, (e.g. children, the elderly, minorities, and women?) Ballwin Health and Rehabilitation is a rehab / long term care
7. What specific practitioner skills do you hope to gain, utilize as a practicum student to develop the ability to integrate past and present classroom learning, and professional reading with the current workplace learning fieldwork. By the end of my Practicum training, I will be able to demonstrate and incorporate my past and present learning into practice.
to develop the ability to assess a client’s needs and to create an intervention program which that would be appropriate for the situation. I will complete five interventions with five clients and demonstrate my understanding by the end of my Practicum training.
to develop an understanding of communication with clients, and obtain training in non-verbal and verbal. I will demonstrate my understanding with two non-verbal clients and assist them with their needs. I will be able to allow my Practicum supervisor to observe me communicate with such a client by the end of my Practicum training.
8. Why did you choose this site?
chose my practicum site because it’s the most convenient way for me to receive my 150 hours in a short time. I have been working with the Reach corporation for two years in different departments. After beginning my social services studies my administrator allowed me to be able to train at Frontier Health & Rehabilitation, a 180 – bed facility. I was then transferred to Ballwin Ridge Health & Rehabilitation, a 60-bed facility so that I could train in discharge planning. I have been working in long-term settings for over 20 years. I have a passion for caring for people. I have worked in every department that there is in a nursing home. I realize that being a social worker is something that I have always been doing, however now I would be able to say that I was trained for it. Helping people, caring for them is something that must come from within you – if you don’t have that passion, then being a human service person will never work. At my practicum site, I am able to learn and train under the supervision of a social worker who has been working at this facility for 19 years; she allowed me to shadow her in all areas of her duties, and it is proving a fantastic experience.
Format – 2 typed pages APA (no cover page, bibliography nor resource page)

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