Please respond to my classmate’s discussion post. Write as if he/she is your cla

Please respond to my classmate’s discussion post. Write as if he/she is your classmate.
This video was really interesting to me, I had never understood the science behind chemotherapy. I had known that it was an intense and painful treatment with lots of side effects, but its really good to know why exactly all this happens during chemotherapy. The Chemo drug that I chose to research is cisplatin, a treatment for advanced bladder cancer, metastatic ovarian cancer, and metastatic testicular cancer (Cancer). And less advanced cancers such as testicular, ovarian, bladder, head and neck, esophageal, small and non-small cell lung, breast, cervical, stomach and prostate cancers (Cancer). With no pill form of the drug. Cisplatin is administered through an IV (Cancer). Occurring in at least 30% of patients, the main side effects of Cisplatin are nausea/vomiting, low blood counts, kidney toxicity, ototoxicity (hearing loss), and blood test abnormalities (Cancer). Some of the less common side effects of cisplatin (experienced in 10-29% of patients) include peripheral neuropathy (numbness and tingling), loss of appetite, taste changes, and hair-loss (Cancer). Cisplatin is classified as an alkylating agent (Cancer). Alkylating agents are the most active when in the resting phase of the cell. These drugs are cell cycle non-specific (Cancer). The reason chemotherapy has so many side effects is because the medicine doesn’t just stop the cancerous cells from dividing, but all cells and this obstructs the DNA. So when one’s cells are attacked by the medicine this could target hair and other DNA specific features.
In my family, dark hair is a prominent dominant trait. The phenotype of this trait is the brown hair because that is the physical appearance. The genotype for dark hair in my family is BB, because both my parents have dark hair. I have two sisters, both who also have dark hair.
I believe a punnet square of my family’s hair would be …
B. B
Mom. B. BB BB
b. Bb. Bb
Cancer, C. C. (n.d.). Cisplatin. Chemocare.

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