-Please locate the most updated statistics from local, state, or Federal governm

-Please locate the most updated statistics from local, state, or Federal government sources.
-Review the numbers.
-Using six to eight lines, summarize things like the number of deaths, geographic locations affected, ages affected, gender percentages, presumed vs confirmed cases, etc.
-Please state the publication and date of the statistics.
Here is an example: ‘According to the 08 March 2021 issue of the Gotham City Times, in the Emerald City, there are x reported cases of corona virus, x deaths, x outbreaks, etc. The most recent outbreak occurred in city x , located nearby in county y, where z number tested positive. State officials released the stats which are showing a downward trend in x county, but an upswing in y city and z county. The age group most affected with new cases is between x and y years. The highest death rate is between the ages of x and y. To date, x % of the adult population over age 18 have been vaccinated. In county y, x % of adult females were vaccinated compared with y % of adult males. Etc. Etc.’
NC Covid-19 Website: https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/dashboard

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