Please give a response to my classmate’s discussion post. Write as if he/she is

Please give a response to my classmate’s discussion post. Write as if he/she is your classmate.
I am not sure how my curiosity into chemotherapy drugs and how they worked never peaked until week 4 of Biol 103, but here I am. The most interesting part I learned from the video is that the chemotherapy drugs target all rapidly dividing cells; not just cancer cells and that results in side effects such as hair loss.
Abraxane is an intravenously given chemotherapy drug that blocks microtubles from helping form the mitotic spindle during anaphase. Essentially it blocks essential proteins from helping produce the mitotic spindle, which separates the chromosomes into their respective daughter cells. Side effects of Abraxane include low white cell count, anemia, hair loss, nausea and more. (, 2020)
Brown hair is a dominant trait in my family, and I believe the Genotype for brown hair is BB with the phenotype being brown hair. A potential Punnett Square may look something like:
Bb bb
My mother had brown hair, while my father had blonde. My ex-wife and I both have brown hair, and so does our daughter. I think I did this correctly, but I am certainly open to feedback to better my understanding of it!
References Abraxane. 2020. Abraxane and advanced breast cancer. 2020. What Are the Main Function of Microtubules in the Cell? 2020.

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