Part A: Review the Case A college counselor for a large university helps student

Part A: Review the Case
A college counselor for a large university helps students select careers matched to their personalities. She uses computer administered personality tests as the primary source of information. The counselor uses the assessment with all students who seek counseling. Qualitative interviews are not part of the assessment process.
Part B: Case Analysis
In a 5-6 page paper, addressing the following information:
1. Describe your immediate reaction to the scenario. What are the details you immediately noticed? What questions did the scenario raise about testing?
2. Identify and explain 3 factors that impact performance on objective tests.
3. Identify and discuss 3 reliability and validity concerns with the scenario.
4. Identify and explain at least 3 ethical concerns as per the APA Ethical Codes and how you would resolve the concerns.
Integrate 5 academic sources on psychological assessment to support your position.
Final Directions
Please ensure that your paper is in APA format from the 7th edition (2019), using 12 pt Times New Roman or Sans Serif font, double-spaced, with a title and references page. An abstract is not necessary. The paper should integrate a minimum of 5 scholarly resources. I will allow you to use the first person to explain your immediate reaction, but remember to keep your writing in the third person for the rest of the analysis. Also, I suggest that you use each of the aforementioned numerical points as respective subheadings to best format your paper.

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