one paragraph or 3-5 sentences for each question (1)Why does imprisonment not wo

one paragraph or 3-5 sentences for each question
(1)Why does imprisonment not work the way theory predicts as a way to deter crime and change behavior? Explain your answer as fully as possible, making reference to facts and information including patterns in age, gender, race, and ethnicity.
(2) There has been and continues to be considerable debate over whether “nature” (heredity) or “nurture” (social environment) most determines human behavior. Studies of feral, isolated, and institutionalized children indicate that although heredity certainly plays a role in the “human equation,” it is society that makes people “human.” People learn what it means to be and, consequently, become members of the human community through language, social interaction, and other forms of human contact.
Discuss in this forum your views on nature v. nurture. Which do you think has a greater impact on who you are? Are there certain characteristics more driven by nature or nurture?
(3)What is your view of ethnic humor? Does it perpetuate stereotypes or diffuse tension in a situation?
(4)Is prejudice inevitable? Is it human nature to irrationally prejudge, or is it actually a personal dysfunction? Under what conditions might prejudice be functional or dysfunctional, for the individual and for society?
(5)Discuss the interplay between Gender Roles and the #metoo movement. How has the #metoo movement changed gender roles?
Use the below article as a helpful guide to your answer

#MeToo surge could change society in pivotal ways, Harvard analysts say

(6)What is love? How is it connected to the social and legal contract based relationship we call marriage?
Provide a list of two-to-three non-romantic functions of marriage. Are these important enough to warrant serious and careful (i.e., relatively non-emotional) analysis and implementation?

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