In well-written, well-documented, well-organized short essays of 1-2 double-spac

In well-written, well-documented, well-organized short essays of 1-2 double-spaced pages each, and based on course materials only, discuss, give original examples, describe, and comment on the following concepts, claims, terms and questions:
1. The governor of New York State is considered a strong executive compared to the governors of other states.
2. Examine the NY State budget and indicate the most important budget allocations for your community.
3. What is the significance of the upstate-downstate political divide?
4. Identify the 3 largest budget allocations in the state budget and comment and reflect on the respective programs funded by these allocations.
5. How does federalism (the relationship between the state and local governments) function within New York State, using Covid-19 as an example.
6. What is the difference between”intergovernmental relations” and “federalism” within the New York context.
7. What are the 3 most powerful interest groups in New York State and what is the source of their power?
8. How does New York City influence and shape politics in the state?
9. Why is Medicaid so important to New York State and how does the federal program impact the state budget?
10. Which historical event or development of New York City has most significantly influenced the development of state politics?

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