COMPANY INTRODUCTION (no more than two pages) Introduce the company, its missio

COMPANY INTRODUCTION (no more than two pages)
Introduce the company, its mission, and products/services, and provide necessary information to orient the reader.
• Organizational Goals: Discuss Boeing’s vision, values, mission, and strategic objectives. The company should have been identified in the Company Introduction but need to be assessed in this section. Culture can be addressed as it relates to organizational values.
• Corporate governance, stakeholder management, and culture: Assess the effectiveness of corporate governance, including the Board of Directors, and of stakeholder management, which can include organizational culture.
• Value Chain: Present your work on the Value Chain. The reader should completely understand Boeing’s value chain, core competencies, and organizational capabilities.
• Financial Analysis: The summary of the firm’s financial condition should include ratio/trend analysis, cash flow and pro forma statements, as well as the Balanced Scorecard (if the firm already uses it), with supporting material. A comparison of the firm versus key competitor(s) and/or the industry is required.
• Resource Based View and VRIN. Identify the firm’s key resources, both tangible and intangible (including human, social, and intellectual capital, as well as value chain competencies). Discuss competitive advantages (if any), as assessed using the VRIN framework. Discuss potential niches to be exploited as well as financial data and cultural data.
Attached, please find examples of Value Chain Analysis, Financial Ratio/Trend Analysis and VRIN Analysis.
Please try to get sources from:
Harvard Business Review
Wall Street Journal
Stock Accounts (JP Morgan, etc)
I-biz, identify sectors, SIC codes

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