You are tasked with conducting research on a controversial issue related to the

You are tasked with conducting research on a controversial issue related to the COVID-19 pandemic and writing a paper on the topic
Controversies surrounding resource allocation (e.g., if there is a shortage of ventilators, what patients do we prioritize for use?)
Controversies surrounding public health recommendations and mandates (e.g., should there be a national mask mandate and criminal penalties for those that violate it?)
Controversies surrounding vaccine development and testing (e.g., should we suspend typical clinical trial procedures to develop a vaccine more quickly, even if it hasn’t been deemed safe?)
There have been many other ethical issues, both in the US and around the globe, which have grown out of the pandemic. Your task is to select an issue, research the topic, and write a paper (with a length of 7 to 10 pages) presenting what you’ve found (e.g., what are the opposing arguments or what are the “sides” of the controversy).
the paper will require the following:
The paper must clearly outline the COVID-19 ethical issue you are researching
The paper must clearly outline why the topic is a controversial
The paper must clearly outline the various arguments related to the topic. hint: it may be helpful to tie in the arguments with concepts and theories. Which are utilitarianism or natural law theory. Some concepts were abortion, surrogacy, and in vitro fertilization (IVF)
must conclude their paper by stating their personal stance on the issue and supporting their choice using concepts and theories (note: it does not matter which side you choose, as long as you support that choice!)
As this is a research paper, the paper must be written according to APA formatting guidelines and include a reference section with at least 5 sources. The sources can include mainstream media articles but must also include scholarly articles from reputable sources (note: it can also include sources from the class readings!)

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