What is religion? Or religiosity? Or what does the adjective “religious” describ

What is religion? Or religiosity? Or what does the adjective “religious” describe? You can answer any of these questions. There are still many correct answers. I’m interested in your ideas at this moment in time; it can be a provisional definition, a best effort for right now. There are a few requirements listed below.
Use at least one detailed, concrete example from each of the religions we have studied this semester to illustrate your definition. Where possible, provide citations for those examples (e.g. if you are using a reading, cite that).
Incorporate one idea from a theory and method reading into your essay. These are the readings from Nye and the reading from Lincoln.
Write clearly.
Do not:
Use a dictionary definition in your essay.
Forget to cite any sources you might use, including paraphrases.
Use sources outside those assigned in class. Trust me, it doesn’t work out well.
To get a 4.0, your essay will be very clearly written and organized with only a few errors. It will be easy to understand. Your ideas will show a high degree of thoughtful reflection on the topic of the essay. Your four examples will be detailed and easy to understand. You will use an idea from a theory and method reading in a way that is crucial for your definition. You will include reflections on what has changed (or not) from your initial definition of religion. You will remember to cite sources properly and format those citations properly.

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