Week 3 – Discussion #3 Please refer to chapters 6 or 7 from the textbook and an

Week 3 – Discussion #3
Please refer to chapters 6 or 7 from the textbook and any other course materials of your choice (or any that was provided this week).
Discuss one of these questions in your individual discussion posting, please:
1. Name two types of interview formats. Which of these two formats do you prefer if you were an applicant and why?
2. Describe (define) two types of employment tests that employers use. What do you as the candidate think about employment testing? What are the challenges of employment testing (checkout validity in the text)?
3. Describe what creates or makes for a “great” new hire orientation? What should employers make sure they cover with all their new hires? Why?
PART A – Initial post
For your INDIVIDUAL post you will need to respond to one question, from the list of three questions ON THIS POST. PLEASE KEEP THE DISCUSSION FOR THE ONE QUESTION SELECTED TO THE MAXIMUM OF THE 250 WORD POST.
PART B – Response posts
Additionally, you will need to respond to TWO of your colleagues FOR THE RESPONSE POST.
How should you respond on your discussion posts? See below
You will respond via Canvas and answer this Discussion Question, using a minimum of at least 150 word response (please do not extend your response past 250 words). Also you will need to respond to two other student’s post (as a reply to their post). You are free to select whichever TWO students post you would like to respond. The response post should be a minimum of 100 words with a maximum of 150 words for your response to each student post.
When are assignments due?
Assignment Due date for Part 1 – Your individual discussion post is due on Wednesday, 5/11/22 before 11:59 p.m. PST. (WORTH 1 POINT). If you do not post your initial response by Wednesday, you will lose 1 point for lack of submission by that due date.
Assignment Due date for Part 2 – Your responses to TWO other student’s post is due on Friday, 5/13/22 before 11:59 p.m. PST. (WORTH 2 POINTS). Remember as soon as there are a sufficient number of responses from your colleagues on their initial post, you are welcome to finish this assignment, even if it is before Friday.
If you have questions, please ask me or send me a quick email to the InBox.

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