Utilizing information contained within the module, text, and additional research

Utilizing information contained within the module, text, and additional research answer the following questions
1. Describe Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s three prong approach to address Japan’s economic problems.
2. While entrepreneurship is highly encouraged in US business schools, it is not necessarily so in Japan. Why is this so, and how does this relate to the zaibatsu and keiretsu systems and the Buddhist religion?
3. Japanese women hold only 1% of executive jobs while in the US it is over 14%. Compare and contrast the struggle of women in Japan and women in the US towards working outside the home.
4. Japan’s debt to equity ratio leads the world at over 200%. How is Japan seeking to address this issue as well as having the second lowest global fertility rate and having immigrants making up only 2% of the workforce.
Watch the video, “The Other Side of Outsourcing” by Thomas Friedman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZOmkM-Spdo and answer the following questions concerning outsourcing to India.
5. How are the call centers changing the culture?
6. How does India’s education system support call center and business growth?
7. How does the younger generation think they will change India?
8. How are the call centers causing a generation gap?
9. One renowned Indian scholar said that these changes are “bringing all the problems that the west has without some of the benefits.” What does he mean?
10. What did Thomas Friedman mean by the term “glocalization”?
11. Provide a synopsis of the comments made by Azim Premji CEO of Wipro.
12. How did the high-tech industry effect the potential conflict between India and Pakistan?
13. How does expanding jobs to Arab countries make the world safer?
14. What did you notice concerning the disparity in wealth?
15. What did the Women’s Rights Organization mean by their statements that “who has codified that your way of living is right” and “don’t make us seem poor”?

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