This is a research paper that needs to get me an A. its 10 pages not including t

This is a research paper that needs to get me an A. its 10 pages not including the cover and
reference page. I will attach the instructions.
Instructions and Guidelines
Research Paper Instructions and Guidelines
You must submit a full research paper by the end of the semester. The aim of this assignment is to put the material into practice and to face the challenges of thinking through the methodological stages of your proposed study.
MS WORD OR PDF FORMAT ONLY, ONLY!!! other formats will not be graded
How should it look?
1. Introduction of the issue
1a. Clear statement of the problem
1b. Purpose of the study
1c. Significance of the study/ what will it add to the literature
2. Literature review (include a total of 5-10 peer reviewed sources)
2a. Current literature/studies related to your issue/problem
2b. This includes defining key terms and identifying problems identified in specific research
3. Research question/s followed by hypothesis/ hypotheses.
-Be specific!
4. Research Methodology:
Data collection method (i.e. observation, in-depth interviews, meta-analysis, surveys etc.)
Proposed data analysis plan
5. Policy Implications
6. Bibliography list
Before submitting the final “product” ask yourselves these questions:
What is my topic?
Does my literature review correspond with that topic?
Do my research question/s and hypotheses correspond with the topic and literature review in that they offer to supplement it?
Does my sample size allow me to achieve the goals of my proposed study?
Is the sampling technique you are offering appropriate for the proposed study?
Does the design correspond to the literature review, question/s and hypotheses?
Is the data collection method you offer the most appropriate for the scope of your study?
General guidelines for submission:
All papers must have a cover page with the details
All papers must have page numbers starting right after the cover page
All papers should be about 10 pgs, not including cover page or reference list (in APA style). All papers should be double space, 12 point font, with 1 inch margin on each side.
Paper will consist of the analysis of criminal justice theory OR criminal justice policy. Paper topics MUST be based on class discussed issues. Do not try submitting papers you already have previously submitted with other class, the turnitin will detect it and treat as plagiarized. I will NOT do any pre-review of any drafts; this is your final class and it expected you write an excellent paper. The expected length of your paper is ten (10) pages, excluding title and bibliography pgs. It should be typed in Times New Roman 12-point font, with double-spacing and one-inch margins. MS WORD OR PDF FORMAT ONLY! Any references should be cited using the APA format. Citation guidelines are available at the library and on the Internet.

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