This 8- to 10-page paper will be based on interviews with an actual client in cl

This 8- to 10-page paper will be based on interviews with an actual client in clinical practice or with a student playing the role of client. By completing this case conceptualization, you will practice clinical skills such as engagement and collaboration, analyze the client’s behavior and cognitions in the context of cognitive behavioral theories, conduct a comprehensive assessment, and exercise ethical decision-making in treatment selection.
Grading Criteria—Case Conceptualization Paper
Identifying information and chief complaint
Relevant psychosocial history, including history of present illness/problem, psychiatric history, personal and social history, and medical history
Do NOT include Mental Status Check
Do NOT include DSM diagnosis
Case Formulation
Cross-sectional view of current cognitions and behaviors (including client’s key automatic thoughts, intermediate assumptions, and core beliefs)
Identification of two to three specific cognitive distortions, with examples
Longitudinal view of cognitions and behaviors (including historical information about thoughts, assumptions, beliefs, compensatory behaviors, and outcomes)
Cultural or other historical contributions to thoughts and beliefs
Strengths and assets
Working hypothesis (summary of conceptualization)
Case conceptualization diagram (all sections completed)
Precipitants section is optional
Treatment Plan
Treatment plan (including problem list, treatment goals, plan for treatment, description of any cultural adaptations)
Elicitation of Feedback From Client (Actual or Role-Play)
This brief section should include your client’s constructive feedback (positive and negative) about your interview, and your reflection on that feedback
Analysis and Writing
Depth of analysis and critical thinking (e.g., use of specific examples, application of knowledge from class, depth and breadth of presentation)
Writing quality and professionalism of presentation (e.g., lack of typographical errors, clear and logical presentation of ideas)

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