The Essay 2 Assignment Sheet is in the files. I choose: Option #1: How does powe

The Essay 2 Assignment Sheet is in the files.
I choose: Option #1: How does power operate My Beautiful Laundrette? (Power is complex, so make sure
you think about its different forms in the text and how race, class, national identity, gender,
and/or sexual orientation relate to power in the screenplay. Does power shift, or does it remain
constant?) Use quotes from My Beautiful Laundrette and a secondary source to support your
I already wrote the introduction that has the thesis statement and topic sentence. I also have the conclusion completed as well.
This is a sample from the Professor’s slide show on how to incorporate a Sample Paragraph that Incorporates a
Secondary Source
Immortan Joe’s reign over the citadel is most
overtly centered around his control and subsequent ability to ration water in a
barren, post-apocalyptic world. Immortan Joe is introduced to the viewer from
atop a mountain with a well of water behind him, overlooking the destitute
desert below, which symbolically
represents the
nature of his control. He then opens water valves and the film pans to the
impoverished and visibly diseased people living outside of the walls
desperately clamoring and grasping at the opportunity to fill their buckets. Immortan Joe
arrogantly preaches to them as he cuts their supply of water short, only after
a few seconds. He yells, “Do not become addicted to water, it will take hold of
you and
you will resent its absence” (Mad Max: Fury Road).
the citadel is the only location in which greenery is present in the film,
amongst an endless desert. It’s also revealed that Immortan Joe
is purposefully hoarding a stable subterranean water supply. This power over
the accessibility of resources is crucial, and physically forces the people of
the citadel to depend on Immortan Joe
and feed into this imaginary bestowing of life. In fact, in her article, “‘Who
killed the world?’ Religious Paradox in Mad Max: Fury Road,”
Bonnie McLean makes a similar point regarding Immortan Joe’s control over water. McLean writes,
“Miller’s tableau suggests that the warlord attained power by discovering and
marketing an essential natural resource, and then hoarded this resource while
distributing it exclusively to those in his favor” (380). This means that Immortan Joe
created and can maintain the current power structure by denying most people
access to water and only giving it to people who support his role as dictator. Immortan Joe
also extends this control by forming an alliance with other towns of the similar
political climate, Bullet Farm and Gas Town, to establish a three-point
dictatorship. This guarantees that the people of this world cannot grasp any
power or wealth, having to clamor relentlessly until Immortan Joe
feels like sharing an ounce of his abundance.

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