Review the Outbreak Investigation video. (Links to an exter

Review the Outbreak Investigation video. (Links to an external site.) Then, access the CDC Data Tracker home page For the Corona Virus, select and click on one of the following topics listed: COVID Data Tracker Weekly Review, Your Community, Pediatric Data, Pregnancy Data, Vaccination Delivery and Coverage, Vaccination Effectiveness and Breakthrough Surveillance, Causes/Deaths and Testing, or Demographic Trends. Provide a 2-3 page narrative that addresses the following:
The topic selected, the population impacted by this topic, and your rationale for selecting this topic
A summary of the significance of the topic as it relates to public health/epidemiology
A summary of the data provided and recommendations or next steps related to this topic
Describe which element of the outbreak investigation model is most closely associated with your topic selection
Include a concluding statement about insights you gained based on this topic review
Remember to follow APA formatting. Be sure to use the Paper Grading Rubric for guidance as you develop this and all subsequent papers.

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