Research paper on “How does social media affect bullying behavior among children

Research paper on “How does social media affect bullying behavior among children?”
The Literature Reviews I gathered are
The Hypothesis I came up with is that children tend to imitate what they see on social media.
The Methods we can include in this research paper are
Violence on social media affects children’s behavior
A sample of children will be put into two groups
One group will be exposed to a negative influence that shows a group of people bullying an individual
The other group will be shown a positive influence showing a group of friends interacting in a nicely and enjoyable manner.
The two group of children will then be given toys and as they play we can view how the two groups differ in interactions.
Submission needs to include the following elements:
an abstract, which will provide a summary of your paper.
an introductory section, in which you introduce the research question you are interested in investigating, making sure to explain why that question is of interest to you and exactly what you mean by it.
a literature review in which you identify the research articles (not popular ones) that shed light on your research question (both the ones your group identified, and the additional ones you located). You will describe these articles and explain their relevance to your research question.
propose a study to test your research question. How would you study what you are interested in? What are the variables to be studied? What are the hypotheses you will test?
Describe the kind of results you would expect to answer your research question.
Include a reference list that is prepared according to APA Style
4-6 pages

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