-Research paper must be no less than 10 pages. -Must include reference page and

-Research paper must be no less than 10 pages.
-Must include reference page and cited work through-out your research
-Must interview no less than 3 professionals in the area of your research
-Include interview questions/surveys as an appendix of your research
1) Agency/Brokerage
Explore the following (or your own concepts):
What is agency? What is a brokerage? Are there different types?
Are there any licenses required for owning/operating a real estate brokerage?
Are there any training/special education requirements?
a) How to negotiate the sale, purchase, or rental of real property
(Residential/Commercial/Farm & Ranch/Condo/etc.)
b) Marketing the brokerage (How do you select agents? How do you market
your inventory? i.e. direct mail, social media, word of mouth, TV/radio,
newspaper, etc.)
c) Best practices for running a successful real estate brokerage
Abstract- A brief summary of the Research Study’s contents. It should allow the
reader to survey the contents of the study quickly. A well prepared abstract
should reflect the purpose, procedures, and significance of your study and not
exceed more than 150 words.
-Purpose of your study: statements that specifically propose the intent and
scope of your topic.
-Procedures: statements that describe how the proposed activity was
-Significance: statements that specify the importance of this activity being
Body- Includes the introduction, the body of your research study including
citations, and a strong conclusion.
-Conclusion- Summarizes your study and “brings it all home”.
References- All sources used for your study.

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