Read the University Material: Compassion for Samantha Case Study. Consider the f

Read the University Material: Compassion for Samantha Case Study.
Consider the following:
SHRM ethical guidelines
Ethical processes for hiring, evaluating, disciplining, and terminating employees
Regulations for equal opportunity and employee rights
Commonly held values such as compassion, courage, integrity, and wisdom that can help people clarify their differences with others, understand their positions, and communicate values more effectively
Disagreements about moral choices in an organization are a natural part of doing business. Appreciate the viewpoints of other parties instead of vilifying them. Anticipate these disagreements by developing strategies for dealing with the most common conflicts you will face in your work.
Your personal strengths, unique voice, core identity and desired self-image.
Potential arguments that others will use to support immoral or unethical behavior
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis of the scenario. Include the following:
Describe the ethical dilemma presented in the scenario, and explain why it is an ethical dilemma.
Describe the government and industry regulations relevant to this scenario.
Explain why specific elements from SHRM guidelines would apply to this situation.
Describe the ethical way to resolve the issue with Samantha.
Justify your resolution.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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