Prompt: In an essay (complete sentence please!), identify why you think these tw

In an essay (complete sentence please!), identify why you think these two images below are shown together by comparing and contrasting the two works.
Discuss how they compare and contrast in terms of:
Cultural/Historical Context (i.e. what is going on culturally/historically at the moment of artworks creation which influenced the artwork)
Also discuss each work’s individual importance.
Show me how much you have learned!
A good essay will have an introduction with thesis statement, body paragraphs and conclusion and be around two pages or more in length.
All information discussed in your essay should come from material discussed in this class.
Make sure to cite where you got your information. These citations can be informal, (i.e. (Besancon) or (Khan Academy) or (Kleiner)).
No outside sources should be used, including unassigned Khan Academy videos.
This is about showing what you have learned from this class, not what you can find with a quick google search.
Images to Compare:
Masaccio, Tribute Money, Brancacci Chapel, Florence, ca. 1424-27, Early Renaissance, Italy
and Robert Campin, Mérode Altarpiece, ca. 1425–1428. Northern Europe, Early Renaissance

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