Peer post response Pick one peer’s post and review. Then comment in no less than

Peer post
one peer’s post and review. Then comment in no less than one paragraph why
you found the information helpful, informative, etc. You must present new
ideas and/or thoughts, merely stating that you agree/disagree is not
enough to earn full points.
2. A
paragraph is considered a minimum of 400 words and 4-6 sentences.
3. Cite
all sources – you must provide the exact link to the reference. Please keep in
mind that citing sources does not mean you can copy and paste information from
the source and use it as your own. You also cannot only change a few words from
a source; all work must be in your own words.
Peer Post:
at the bottom of an employee position at all the companies that I have worked
for, does not give me access to any part of SOX and how the SOX’s internal
controls work within the business. I will do my best to explain two internal
controls of SOX used.
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act represented a
considerable change in 2002 to the federal securities law, that safeguards and
secures assets of private and public US Companies and non-US Companies. “The
Sarbanes-Oxley Act is about corporate governance and financial disclosure” (sarbanes oxley). The SOX also
includes showing that a company’s financial data is precise, and reliably
controlled in the position to secure financial data.
“A business should have competent, dependable, and ethical personnel so that
the business will attract high-quality employees” (Miller-Nobles,
-Mattison-Matsumura, 2014). A good paying salary, and useful training for the
job, could encourage more individuals to work for the company. Experienced
employees within a company would not overlook the duties that have good
internal controls in which each employee has carefully defined duties and
A school district could have an internal auditor who would ensure that the
district’s employees would follow the policies and procedures laid out for them
and that the operations within every school in the district run efficiently
throughout. The internal auditor could improve the examination of schools in
following legal requirements for students when the staff does not follow an IEP
(Individualized Learning Plan) and 504 plans. These legal documents need to
remain consistent and followed in accordance with the law.
A clothing store, for instance, has cash receipts (the point of sale) over the
counter that involves a cash register that provides internal control over cash
receipts. “For each transaction, there is a receipt issued to the customer to
ensure a record of each sale”
-Mattison-Matsumura, 2014). The clerk entered the transaction into the register
and the machine prints out a receipt which then records the sale in the cash
register’s memory. At the end of the day, there is the removal of the cash from
the register and the manager counts it, the cash must equal the machine’s
record of cash sales. This internal control could help to prevent theft by the
clerk. The manager could help to improve this internal control by counting the
money received in the register to see if the cash matches the register
print-out cash total. This would decrease the total amount of money in the
register so that there could be less theft by the clerk.
-Mattison-Matsumura. (2014). In Horngren’s
accounting (tenth, pp. 494–499). essay, Pearson.
oxley. ▷
2022 Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Requirements for Sections 302, 404, 409, 806,
902, 906. (n.d.). Retrieved May 8, 2022, from

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