or this assignment, you need to read REVEL chapters 12 and 13, focusing specific

or this assignment, you need to read REVEL chapters 12 and 13, focusing specifically on the Concrete Operational stage of cognitive development (section 12.1) and Self-Understanding (section 13.2). You should also watch the video lecture for the fifth module before completing this assignment.
Piaget knew that a child’s cognitive skills affect the way they think about the world and make decisions. For most of us, our developing cognitive skills mean that we can also think about ourselves in a different way in middle childhood. To put it plainly, many of us become much more self-aware in the later years of elementary school. After reading the two reading selections above, please answer the questions below:
Write a few sentences about what new skills a child has in the concrete operational stage.
What is a social comparison? Give at least 3 examples of a social comparison.
How does a child’s new sense of self affect their self-esteem? Give examples from the textbook.
Look at Figure 13.1. What areas of competence influenced you strongly when you were in 6th grade? (i.e. Were you popular with other kids in school? Were you not so great at sports?)
Finally, how did your parents influence the way you felt about yourself (your self-concept and self-esteem)? How does this connect with what the textbook says about the ways children interact with their parents and make attributions about their successes and failures?

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