Module 01: Strategy Discussion 3 3 unread replies. 3 3 replies. A strategy is es

Module 01: Strategy Discussion
3 unread replies.
3 replies.
A strategy is essential for an organization to provide a sense of direction, goals, and create a competitive advantage.
Please research and share a strategy for your organization (you can also select an organization where you volunteer or an organization you are familiar with).
Please share:
The present situation:
What are the current competitive pressures, competitive strengths, and competitive weaknesses?
Does the organization you selected appear to be in good financial condition? Explain.
What are the market strengths?
What problem or problems does the organization have that need to be addressed in the next 12-24 months?
Outline future direction:
Why will your selected organization matter to customers?
What recommendation(s) do you have to continue or create customer value in the future?
What will need to be distinctive about its products and/or services?
What resource(s) do you recommend be implemented to continue delivering customer value?
Write and post a brief summary, at least 3-4 paragraphs each for the present situation and future direction, of the organization you selected and the strategy points listed above. (10 points)
Support your strategy with 2 sources; one peer-reviewed scholarly article and the textbook. (2 points)

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