It’s Only Just for Laughs? Believe it or not, much of what is called “stand-up c

It’s Only Just for Laughs?
Believe it or not, much of what is called “stand-up comedy” includes political, cultural, and social commentary and either explicitly or implicitly presents arguments. How does one particular stand-up comedian’s work offer opportunities for analysis based on logical fallacies, the actual arguments they imply, and types of comedy? Include the type of comedy Critchley discusses in a specific chapter in On Humor: Thinking in Action to explain why people would laugh at the comedy you are examining.
The Other Mandatory Ingredients Follow
A paragraph of counterargument is optional this time, but a good conclusion is not. See “Better Conclusions” on the Writer’s Toolbox page on Canvas. In regard to the content of the writing, not only will each proofreading error incur a two-point penalty this time, but this essay should show careful handling of sources, which will also have more weight in the grading than previously. Look over my comments on your second extended argument essay (visible on the Grades page when it’s available) to see if you need to improve in either of these two areas. Contact me immediately if you need further instruction regarding them.
To further improve your writing, you will need to look over your recently returned previous writing, and work on these elements in the essay:
Come up with an original title for your essay.
Thoughtfully develop your essay’s introduction before you get to your thesis, using the guidelines I list on “Good Introductions” on the Writer’s Toolbox list on the Modules page.
When you do get to your thesis, be sure it directly responds to the option you have chosen.
Limit all quotations to four or fewer lines by using ellipses ( . . . ) when needed.
As I’ve often said, “Never let a quotation be a sentence by itself.” Introduce it as well as explain it, like I’m doing here.
Use a transition wherever one thought doesn’t smoothly follow the one before it.
By this point in the course, you should have developed the worthy habit of checking The 7 Signals of Meaning in all matters of grammar, usage, and punctuation I have marked on your previous two extended argument essays.
The grading criteria for this essay are the same as they were for the first two.
Give all sources credit whether you are directly quoting or not.
There is no 10% extra-credit opportunity for submitting the assignment at least 24 hours early or for proof of having had a session with a Writing Center tutor) for this assignment this time. Instead, there will be an extra-credit opportunity on the Discussions page the week before the essay is due.
Submit your essay right here by midnight, Monday, May 23 and not as a web address or some software application that Canvas won’t open because if I can’t see it, I can’t grade it.

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