It is a very sepcific essay for my sociology class is an Sociologically Informe

It is a very sepcific essay for my sociology class is an Sociologically Informed Class Autobiography
Formative Experienece 1:
At eight years old, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called ITP, which changed my life completely. From being an active, healthy child, my life became doctor’s appointments, being hospitalized several times, and having changes in my body due to medication.
Formative experience 2:
At Nine years old, my parents announced suddenly that they were having a divorce; my dad left the house and left my mom with three young children to take care of on her own.
A (2-3 formative experiences – ‘personal troubles’)
A 1 (under each) – relate it to public issues – determine to what extent your private trouble may be a public issue. How common is your situation? What is the prevalence and frequency of its occurrence? What is its distribution across various social groups (e.g., race/ethnicity, class, gender identity, sex, nativity, ability, etc.)? Are there regional or national variations?
( there should be class dynamics present as you think of these)
B -historical specificity – Identify the social-structural factors and historical trends that might provide the macro-sociological dynamics for understanding both your biography overall and your 2–3 focal concerns.
Are there any outstanding historical events or social changes that either directly or indirectly affected your selected focal point in your biography? What major historical events, trends or processes—economic, social or cultural changes—occurred during your high school or college years that have informed your life course? Beyond identifying the macro-level factors, also include any relevant meso- and micro-levels dynamics in the socio-historical context.
think within your community, within your country, within the world
Consider possible causal or associated factors, conditions that might determine variations across time, place, social position, groups, etc.
C Sociological Imagination
Identify several sociological concepts / theoretical frameworks of social class and inequality
What dynamics are you most interested in exploring or do you believe is most salient for understanding your experience and its outcomes on your life chances? Most importantly, what sociological concepts would best assist your analysis?
– apply them to your chosen formative experiences.
These concepts/theories should demonstrate your ability to link your personal troubles and successes to both
historical and societal forces. It should credit personal agency AND societal structure (not just one or the other)

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