Instructions: Write an essay answering all of the questions on the topic that f

Write an essay answering all of the questions on the topic that follows. The essay should be done in Microsoft Word format(double spaced – 12pt Times New Roman or Arial font). There is no minimum or maximum length, however, you should give as much detail as you can. The document containing this essay should be submitted electronically in Blackboard.
Paper Topic: The Trolley Problem
In particular, you will
1. Explain the Trolley Example (include all of the morally relevant details);
2. State and explain the moral dilemma posed by the example;
3. Explain the two positions that could be adopted to solve the dilemma (include a general description of the reasons a supported of each position would give in defense of his/her position).
4. Present and explain the reconstruction of the argument supporting the position that the right thing to do is to turn the trolley (the one that we discussed in class – If there is no reconstruction of the argument in standard form, numbered premises and conclusion, the argument has not been stated); and
5. Explain why a defender of this position would claim that this argument is valid and sound.
Do not discuss any other aspects of the cases. You are to focus only on the items mentioned above. Your essay should reflect your understanding of the criteria of evaluation of arguments that we are discussing in class.
WARNING: Do NOT assume that the reader knows what you are talking about. Make sure to explain all of your points.

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