Instructions for the research report paper: the topic is Domestic Violence Agai

Instructions for the research report paper: the topic is Domestic Violence Against Women In the United States. Then try to explain, using criminological theories ( The Battered Woman Syndrome theory), why the crime is relevant for the particular country (context), why it has occurred in the first place (causal factors), and why it has increased or decreased over the years (change and statistics). Then, in the discussion, recommend solutions and ways in which a crime problem can be minimized or prevented. I attached one article for this assignment. You can choose journal articles, books, and reports related to this assignment and topic.
The above requires a full-fledged review of literature incorporating information from journal articles, books, and reports. You may use 1-2 news articles. Please remember this research report involves hard work in searching for relevant information to answer the above. APA reference format (APA style).
Each report should be neat and professional in appearance. It should be well-written and easy to follow, i.e., clearly written in simple English. It should follow the components listed in the following section. It must be 2,500 words excluding 10 required references, 1.5 line-space, Times New Roman, 12-point font size, and 1-inch top-bottom, left-right margins.
I attached the basic element guidelines of the report and one article for this assignment.

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