In this course, you have analyzed national cultures, structures, and activities

In this course, you have analyzed national cultures, structures, and activities of NGOs in a variety of countries. You have compared their organizational cultures, structures, and working environments, and you have examined differences between culture, values, behaviors, leadership, and practices within different cultures. In addition, you investigated organizational culture and behaviors and concluded by recognizing trends in the world and in the NGO sector.
Students and practitioners alike understand that managing successfully across cultures involves a great deal of personal awareness, an ability to examine values and behavior, and a great deal of patience; to a large extent, it is more art than science. Mistakes will be made, but learning from these mistakes and moving forward is how one develops important leadership skills and traits. Valuing what other cultures have to offer is important in order to manage and lead successfully.
However, clear understanding is only the start. The real work is in implementing policies, establishing new practices, and nurturing new approaches to old problems. It takes conviction and courage to lead and to change old attitudes and behaviors.
This week, you will reflect on everything that you have explored during this course, and you will consider and potentially share with your colleagues resources related to this course that you consider especially significant.
Learning Objectives
Students will:
Analyze course material, significant learnings, and the role of a leader in the N
This week provides an opportunity for you to raise questions and discuss points that you think are important in order to fully appreciate and bring closure to this course. For this Discussion, you will share significant personal insight and key learnings you developed during the course.
To prepare:
Reflect on the Resources and Assignments of this course, your interactions with the Instructor and colleagues, your Course Project, and your final presentation.
By Day 3
By Day 3, post a 3- or 4-paragraph essay on lessons learned. Include the following: The final project summary tell
Some of the things I learned from this course. Communication is very important. I developed skills on how to do
background research on the different NGOs cultures
A list of the key learnings that you have personally experienced in this course. Please keep your list succinct and highlight the most important or notable learnings.
Answers to the following questions:
What are some key perspectives you have developed? How can you apply these perspectives as an NGO manager or leader?
What have you learned, and how has it changed/enhanced your perspective on NGOs? How will it impact your work as an NGO professional or researcher?
What do you think will be your biggest challenge managing “with” an organization’s culture? Why?
Justify your response
Using the papers and general information to anawer the question for the post

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