In this assignment, your goal is to evaluate the potential privacy and security

In this assignment, your goal is to evaluate the potential privacy and security issues of a new and/or emerging technology, and to discuss what could be done to address those potential threats. For example, you might be reading Wired, Slashdot or some other news source, and see an announcement for a new product or service. You might start thinking about privacy implications, and issues associated with this technology. You would then want to formalize your thoughts (in the framework described below), and submit your writeup using the course dropbox.
Your privacy review should contain:
A short summary of the evaluated technology. You may choose to evaluate a specific product, or a class of products with some common goal (like the set of all implantable medical devices). This summary should be at a high level, several paragraphs in length. State the aspects of the technology that are relevant to your observations below. If you need to make assumptions about a product, then it is very important that you state what those assumptions are.
Assets, and privacy and security goals. Please state at least two assets, and privacy and/or security goals, and please explain why the chosen goals are important.
Potential adversaries and threats. Please state at least two potential adversaries and threats. You will want to include several sentences per attacker/threat.
Potential weaknesses. Again, please state at least two potential weaknesses, and justify your answer using several sentences per weakness.
Potential defenses. Please describe potential defenses that the system could use, or might already be using to address your potential weaknesses above. Please evaluate the risks associated with the assets, threats, and potential weaknesses that you describe. Also, please discuss relevant ”bigger picture” issues (ethics, likelihood that the technology will evolve, and so on).
Conclusion. Please, give some conclusions based on your discussions above.
Your privacy reviews should be short, between 2 and 3 pages (up to max 3 pages). They should be submitted to course Canvas as PDF files, with 11pt or 12pt fonts, in single-column format with 1-inch margins.

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