**i need it ASAP ** before 5pm est today (within 2 hours ) International terrori

**i need it ASAP ** before 5pm est today (within 2 hours )
International terrorism encompasses a broad swatch of groups, movements, and ideologies. Moreover, ‘international terrorism’ is-in essence- a label used to denote either where an attack takes place or who the intended target was. Thus, studying international terrorism is extremely complex given its heterogeneity as international terrorism encompasses many of the typologies of terrorism we have covered and will cover this semester: religious terrorism, dissident terrorism, and state terrorism.
Since the middle of the 20th century, how has international terrorism evolved? To answer this question, address the following (Be specific here in supporting your position):
How have the ideologies and grievances driving international terrorism evolved?
How have the methodologies/tactics changed?
Is international terrorism currently more or less problematic than domestic terrorism (e.g. from an American perspective)?

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