i need a response for each person with citation/source kayden Two primary examp

i need a response for each person with citation/source
primary examples of stress in my life are college and work. I am currently
working on managing stress. If I feel like I have reached my limit, I try to
step back from my schoolwork. Whether it is for a few minutes, to get up and
walk away, or if it’s an hour or two. I find this extremely helpful. Usually,
when I am doing schoolwork, and I am to the point of just wanting to get it
done, I care more about finishing it than doing my best on that assignment or
activity. So, I’ll step away and maybe listen to some music, or take a drive in
my car, or walk my dogs. Sometimes I’ll even take a long shower or clean up my
room – I work more efficiently in a clean environment. A technique
that does not work for me is stepping away for too long. If I am away from my
schoolwork for an extended period, it gets to the point where I want to put it
Stress is known as the
Silent killer. The most common stressors include money troubles, job issues,
relationship issues, and death. A couple of years ago if I use to get in a big
rush it caused me to have anxiety. The techniques I use to manage stress are
taking small breaks while doing long activities trying not to overwhelm myself.
Another tip is that I sometimes take a walk to help clear my mind, or simply
just start cleaning. Stress in the workplace is major. his can cause you to
bring your work issues into your home this will cause more conflict. I’ve also
started listening to a little more music this will also relax your mind and
body. Exercise will help with stress. Stress can effect everybody differently.
Eating a well balanced diet , getting enough sleep, and exercise on a regular
basis will help. Stress can make a person feel jittery or even sick, it can
even cause a person to loose weight. Cleaning will bring some order to your
environment. Talking or venting to family or friends may help stress. Stress is
triggered when we experience something new, unexpected or that threatens us. We
sometimes stress over things that we can not control. Stress will cause headaches,
high blood pressure, chest pain and sleep issues. Since I have been going back
to school I’ve noticed that I have been a little more stressed than before.

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