Hi, I am a programmer and struggle big time with essay writting as it takes me

I am a programmer and struggle big time with essay writting as it takes me 3 times as long than others. So, I need a little help. Thanks in advance.
This is a small section of my dissertation that i have left to last as my project requires a built web application.
My project is about a small business implementing collaborative design into a website/application and if it would benefit the business, staff and consumers etc.
so my literature review is based on products within collaborative design and how collabortive deisgn impacts product/consomer satisfaction.
Can be broken down into/Areas needed to be covered:
Business that specialises in Personalised Products
within Product Development
Product Design
Design Meetings
Design Methods
Platforms in the
Problems in
Collaborative Design
Online Collaborative
Design and Remote Collaboration
Technology to
Support Collaborative Design and Remote Working
Ensure to talk about statistics and reseach into user centered design when discussing design methods
Please use headings/sub headings so i can understand the context when reading, so it will be easier for me to add too or change etc
feel free to do what you like, i trust that you know what type of things to write etc

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