Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok Fr

Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok
From 2000 to today, technological and software developments have improved and expanded
upon social media platforms changing the way we connect to the masses and to each other. For
this assignment, you’ll work in groups to create a PowerPoint outlining the history, mission and
features of what are considered the most groundbreaking social media platforms of our time.
1. Create a Branded Power Point presenting the information below. Use
imagery/photos/videos from your platform where possible. Your presentation should
reflect the overall look and brand of your platform.
a. FOUNDER/HISTORY Who developed it and what was their background? How
was it first introduced to its target market (commercial, ads, viral campaign,
word of mouth)? How was this platform improving or expanding upon what
already existed at the time? When was it developed and launched?
b. MISSION/DESCRIPTION Does the company have a mission and/or is there a
quote from the company or founder as to why they created it? What
distinguishes this platform from its competitors?
c. FEATURES What did/does it provide its users? How were those features
improved or changed over time and why?
d. THE LOOK/INTERFACE What is the overall look of the product? Colors used?
Logo? Does it rely on content from users to create that look? How does the
navigation menu work? Does the interface change based on the user?
e. TARGET AUDIENCE Who is the target audience? Be specific. How do you know
this audience is being targeted? Is this the product’s general target market or are
they expanding their market and if so, how?
f. ENGAGEMENT How do users engage with the platform and each other? How
many users did they have at the beginning? How many now or at the end?
What’s the average daily use? How do communities of like-minded people form?
g. FINANCING/BUDGET What was the original budget to develop the platform?
How does the platform sustain itself? Who originally owned or funded the
platform and was it purchased by a third party? Does it include ads and if so how
do the ads reach the customers?
h. CONCLUSION As a group, decide what are the pros and cons of the platform?
Does it improve connection between people or hinder it? Have there been any
privacy or ethical issues associated with the platform or its founders?

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