For this writing assignment, you will be expected to write a final paper by refe

For this writing assignment, you will be expected to write a final paper by referring to the readings and topics
covered in the entire course. The final paper will be maximum 5 pages (double-space), not including the
bibliography. This assignment is an opportunity to practice the sociological approach to the study of society
(along with relevant concepts, terms and theoretical approaches) and demonstrate your critical reflections on a
topic of your choice.
You will write on a social issue (you will be free to choose your own topic as long as it will be related with the themes of our course. You will be expected to write your final paper by using the sociological lens through which you will interpret and connect your topic/personal experience to larger social-political-cultural-economic issues, while keeping the sociological approach in the center.
The topic I chose: The topic I am choosing to write about is learning more about how certain family situations and problems effect people while they are growing up and how they tend to deal with these things throughout life.
I believe this falls into the category of chapter 4 “Social Interaction and Everyday Life”. This chapter bases its
presentation on microsociology and social interaction. Microsociology refers to the study of interactions among
individuals and groups and social interaction refers to exchanging ideas between two or more persons through
either physical or virtual means. I want to be able to explore this more. Today it can be hard to deal with certain
things because there is so much technology in the way. Social media is huge and if someone is going through a
rough time social media can make things a lot worse, for example with bullying. I will be discussing things like if
age and culture are factors in behavior changes, is therapy something that would be beneficial throughout these times? Learning more about social interactions is important to me because it will help me better understand
society’s organizations, patterns affecting the societal institutions and systems, influences on the extent to which social roles, norms, and shared expectations shape our societal realities and trying to understand the behavior
exempted by people in one on one situations and how it may predict their ability to cope in larger social societies.

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