For this assignment, you will identify one building or structure in your local a

For this assignment, you will identify one building or structure in your local area or jurisdiction for each of the 10 occupancy classifications listed in the 2018 International Builders Code (IBC). You may not use a fire department building for this assignment. Identify the building or structure’s group (if applicable). Provide a photograph and location for each building or structure. Utilize the format in the Unit VII Project Template(attached below) to document this information. This information will then be inserted as an appendix following the written requirements below.
After identifying one building or structure for each of the 10 occupancy classifications; you will address each of the following requirements in a written paper.
Discuss the general characteristics of each occupancy type.
Discuss two hazards associated with each occupancy and how they can be addressed in prefire planning.
Identify the safety concerns faced when responding to a fire in each occupancy type.
Summarize your approach to firefighting strategy and tactics for each occupancy type.
Your responses to the requirements listed above should be specifically detailed to each building or structure you have selected. Your responses should be organized by occupancy (i.e., address all four bullets listed for one occupancy before moving on to the next). Do not, for example, discuss characteristics of all occupancy types and then discuss all of the hazards.
The written response portion of this assignment must be at least two pages in length. The appendix, title, and reference pages do not count toward the two-page written requirement.
You must use a minimum of three sources in support of your written response, one of which may be your eTextbook. The image sources do not count toward this requirement. All sources used must have proper citations and references in APA format.

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