Essay #2 – Political Violence in HONDURAS The file provided has some of the conc

Essay #2 – Political Violence in HONDURAS
The file provided has some of the concepts from the book, as well as s brief statement of honduras. if you can please expand on terrorism from gangs and the tough laws that exist to combat the gangs issue. Anything else you are free to expand on but if you can centralize the paper around terrorism and gangs.
Key Concepts from O’Neil, Patrick. Essentials of
Comparative Politics. Seventh, W. W. Norton and Company, 2020.
Political Violence
Explanations for Political Violence
Forms of Political Violence
Regime Type, Ideology
State Strength
Political violence is “politically motivated outside of state control” (O’Neill 214). Find an example of political violence in your chosen Central or South American state. Examples may include “revolutions, civil war, riots, and strikes,” and may be recent or historical. Describe the incident and which form of political violence it typifies.
Which explanation (institutional, ideational, or individual) is most appropriate for this specific act of political violence?
What is the regime type of the state in which this act of violence occurred? How has the government responded to the violence? What does the response say about the strength of the state?
You must use the textbook.
You must also use at least two other academic, governmental, and/or media sources.
Academic journals, major national or international newspapers, major online news organizations, databases, etc.
You may not use Wikipedia or other websites of unknown or inexpert origin. If you are not sure of the quality or reliability of a source, either ask Professor Gabler to evaluate it or do not use it.
This essay should be approximately 1000 words.
Cite your sources according to the style you know best (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)
If you need help formatting your essay and citing your sources, please consider making an appointment with the SMC Writing Center. They are available for virtual and/or in-person appointments. You may also find the style guides at the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) helpful.

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