Development Journal Overview Learning Objectives: Reflect on the role as a healt

Development Journal Overview
Learning Objectives:
Reflect on the role as a health care advocate, provider of care, and leader in a selected community and population. (SOL #7)
Articulate the value of lifelong and engagement in professional networks for the continued development of the professional nursing role. (SOL #8)
Answer both questions. There are a total of 4 journals to complete throughout this term. Be sure that each journal is written in APA style format using at least 150-200 words per journal.
Week 5-6 Topic: Passion and Professional Networks
Are there any professional networks, nursing organizations that you are interested in joining? List at least two and explain what they are.
What support do you anticipate needing as a newly licensed nurse?
Submission Guidelines
Only doc, docx, and odt file types are accepted – PDF files are not accepted. You may download OpenOffice for free under Pages.
Describes in detail the response to 4 questions over the 4 separate entries. Provides specific examples and a positive outlook toward professional development as a novice nurse. Expresses interest in pursuing professional goals through self-education, lifelong learning, and joining professional organizations. Has a vision for the future for further development of leadership skills. Identifies plans for job search, preparation, goals, and realistic time frame.

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