Classical organization and management theory is based on contributions from a nu

Classical organization and management theory is based on contributions from a number of sources, (F.W. Taylor, Henry Gantt, Frank, and Lillian Gilbreth, and Frederick Taylor), but who are some of the modern-day contributors?
In a minimum of two pages, name two modern-day contributors to the advancement of management and discuss their impact on the future evolution of management.
Please attach one of the articles used for the completion of this paper.
A minimum of 2 peer-reviewed sources (not including the textbook) from the FSW library databases must be cited in the text of the paper.
Do not use any textbook as a source.
Do not use direct quotes. Be sure to paraphrase. Do not copy and paste. The FSW Writing Centers offer assistance with writing through virtual meetings. is also helpful.
Use APA to properly cite all sources.
Make sure your paper begins with a Level One Heading: Introduction (Do not confuse an Introduction with an Abstract)
Include a properly formatted APA cover sheet.
Include a properly formatted APA reference page.
Use 12 point Times New Roman font.
Double-space the entire paper.
Accurate In-text citations must be included.
APA documentation and formatting style used appropriately (including in-text citations, reference entries, and format).
A thorough analysis of the topic in relation to management, leadership, and course learning outcomes.
Spelling, grammar, and writing style
Write in the third person – such as, “This researcher…”, “This student…”, Do not use “I”, “we”, “our”, “you”, or any other forms of indefinite you.
Avoid bullet points.

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