Chapters 11 and 12 of your textbook describe several disorders and therapies. Fo

Chapters 11 and 12 of your textbook describe several disorders and therapies. For this assignment you will use 3 sources: refer to chapter 11 and 12 of your textbook, find and watch a movie/film/series on a selected psychological disorder, & find at least one journal article on the disorder. The assignment has two major parts.
First, you are asked to select a specific disorder described in chapter 11, learn about the symptoms as described in the textbook in your own words. Then find a film that was on a psychological disorder (see the list below ). Watch the movie and critically compare the symptoms of the disorder as depicted in the movie with the symptoms described in the textbook in your paper. Were the symptoms exaggerated or minimized or you think it was a great match?
Second, select two Psychotherapies (not medication or even biomedical therapies) from Chapter 12 that you think might be helpful to those suffering with the specific disorder you selected in the first part of the assignment. The therapies you select must be from the ones listed in Chapter 12. Describe each psychotherapy in your own words and explain why you think this therapy is going to work for this specific disorder clearly. In addition to your text book you must include at least one Empirical journal article on the symptoms or therapy you selected in your paper. You may use additional sources like books and other journal articles. Use PsychArticles database to find the articles on the selected disorder. To search online from you home you will need COD library card to enter databases. Once you have the library card, go to, then click on library towards the bottom of the screen, then click on databases, then click on Psychology, and then on PsychInfo, now search for an article.
There are several classification of disorders described in your textbook such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia, etc. Be sure to select a specific disorder (for example, depression) and not a general category (like mood disorders) to write a paper on. Your paper should be an APA styled 4-5 page double-spaced essay. The paper must include in-text citation when appropriate, reference page at the end, font size should be12, a title and a title page. Every aspect of your paper must be APA styled.
Suggested Films (but not limited to):
Shutter Island
Matchstick Men
Dream House
Girl Interrupted
Ordinary People
As good as it gets
A Beautiful Mind
As good as it gets
The Hours
Wall Street
Silence of the Lambs
The Godfather
Annie Hall
Coming Home
The Departed

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