CAPSTONE PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS Capstone project is introduced. The capstone proje

Capstone project is introduced. The capstone project will evaluate your understanding of preparedness, planning, response, mitigation and recovery in the realm of homeland security. It will evaluate your understanding of risk management in Homeland Security and your understanding of Federal and State coordination in emergency response and the laws affecting that response.
Overview of project with review of key elements of the National Incident Management System and state and federal roles in disasters
You have been appointed to the position of Emergency Manager in the town of Utopia. The City Manager wants to meet with you at your convenience and discuss your plans for the safety of the town. Over the course of the next 10 weeks you will submit reports on actions you have taken and planning
The town of Utopia has 15,000 residents and is a suburban community adjoining a city in which most residents commute to work. The town is bordered on the north by water and has a small business fishing industry. There is a two-lane highway that services entrance into and exit from the town to major state highways. Utopia has a small police force which provides security to the residents. Utopia also has a volunteer fire department.
Utopia has been designated by the Army Corp of Engineers as being in a flood zone if a severe storm developed along the coast. Utopia has an old sewage plant that needs to be upgraded. And there has been discussion of building a nuclear power plant about 5 miles east of the town which would reduce the cost of electricity to the whole region.

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