below is my essay please add filler to stretch it to 2 pages single spaced and a

below is my essay please add filler to stretch it to 2 pages single spaced and add college bound words that are big and spectacular and clean up grammar
2-3 things i learned about key group dynamics are. that having a strong leader in the group is good to be able to be at the head of everything kind of in a managing typee of way, but is not to be confused with a boss because everyone in the group should be equal, i feel that is the best way for things to get done and for teams to work togetheer and be at there most effective. another thing ive learned from being in groups in this class is that communication is key. everyone has there own knowledge and trhere strengths and weakness’s but if there is no communication in thee group you could havee team member working on things that are not there strengths when it may bee someone elses strength within the group. Also if there is no communication its not a group it is a bunch of individuals working near eachother on similar goals but not working together. and possibly the most important part of the group is how and who the group is made up of, it is the job of the group leader to invite people to the group who will 1. react well and work well together and 2. be passionate towards the overall goal of the group and will have a higher desire to achieve the goal and 3. work weell with the other group member who are already in the group.
ive learned about myself that i work best as a member of the group and not as the group manager/leeader i like to be assigned work to complete and complete it on my own and present to the group what i have done on my part. I also believe one of the key things ive learned about myself is that i do not like to have a boss or havee someone who is directly in charge, i personally do not work best with that. I enjoyed working the group as all eequal members/co workers and having a team leader but not a boss or a supervisor.
if i were to be interviewed i would tell the interviewer how well i work with a team and also explain that i can also work just as well doing work that is delegated to me without a team and that i am flexible and can do whatever is needed of me for the overall success of my team. i would also inform them of how weell i work with a group of team and i am not the type of member that will try to be in charge unless i feel i have the best understanding and knowledge of what is going on and am happy to just be a member of the group.

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