Below are expectations for the assignment: How are you going to hook your viewer

Below are expectations for the assignment:
How are you going to hook your viewers in?
What is the current criminal justice issue?
What did you think you understood before this course?
What did you understand after reviewing the literature?
What do you want other people to know?
What is your “call to action
Information was well
clear purpose and subject; important examples, facts…; demonstrates full
knowledge by answering all audience questions with explanations and
elaboration (if applicable).
And the content for the essay could be around this book (pdf file attached), and the listed topics:
Beliefs, attitudes, and feelings about offenders
Corrections as a system
Early History of Correctional Thought and Practice
The History of Corrections in America
Contemporary Punishment
The Sentencing Project
Shifts in Correctional Thought and Practice
The Correctional Client and The Prison Experience
Release from Incarceration
Incarceration as Big Business
Mass Incarceration and the Prison Industrial Complex
Immigration and Justice
Reimagining Prisons
Restorative Justice
Community Justice
The task is to create an essay about some of these
stuffs so I can read it out to do a “video-recording” assignment. The essay should
just be easy-to-understand, not so complicated words choice. Try to think as if
you are reading to an audience when writing it, make it easy to deliver and also
easy to be understood. Please contact if anyquestions.

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