-APA format -NO plagiarizing -What is Multiple sclerosis? (Detailed section abou

-APA format
-NO plagiarizing
-What is Multiple sclerosis? (Detailed section about MS: what is it? how is it diagnosed? Symptoms, causes, treatment, etc.)
-Detailed section about MRI (what it is? How does it diagnose multiple sclerosis? The process?
-How does integrative medicine/therapies/treatment benefit MS? (Ie. massage, acupuncture, medication-supplements, diet, excercise, mindfulness, meditation, emotional support systems, etc.)
-Specifically, I would like the paper to incorporate:
Dr. Terry Wahls (reference): Her story and protocol on how diet effects Multiple Sclerosis
Wim Hof (reference): benefits of cold therapy for Multiple sclerosis
-Definietely use MS Society as a reference

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