4.3 DISCUSSION: Sanctioned vs. Hate Speech After reading the section on Freedom

4.3 DISCUSSION: Sanctioned vs. Hate Speech
After reading the section on Freedom of Speech and the Press in the textbook as well as WATCH: Freedom of Religion in the United States (available in this module), answer the following questions:
Action Items:
Answer the following questions: 1) How do you define hate speech? 2) Would curbing hate speech, whether it’s espousing violent overthrow of a nation, or violence against a religious minority, prevent the violent actions from that speech from coming to pass? (200-300 words).
Note how or whether the current national political climate affects your answer.
Then respond to at least one classmate and take the opposite position they have (200 words).
After responding, and in the same post, consider how stepping into someone else’s shoes made you feel (100 words).
You are encouraged to cite sources for this post, but they are not required.
Classmate Response:
Joseph Rutigliano
Sanctioned vs. Hate Speech
I define hate speech as anything said and directed towards a protected class of people. In the United States that any group of people that share a common characteristic or trait are considered protected. Sexual preferences, religious groups, handicapped people, or someone who is part of an ethnic group are all considered protected under the law.
I don’t believe that curbing hate speech would eliminate the violent actions that come from the speech. I believe it would decrease it considerably. Today we live in a world where we can get on social media and hide behind a computer and say awful things to one another. While I believe most people are only spewing rhetoric, I believe there are a small percentage of people that may act on hate speech if goaded on far enough. Unfortunately hate speech is still protected under freedom of speech.
The last two presidential elections have resulted in divisiveness and Americans treating fellow Americans horribly. Throw in George Floyd and a pandemic and we are seeing how vile we can be towards one another. Again, when hiding behind a computer it seems easier to spew hate speech.
Now if there is violence that comes from hate speech it becomes a hate crime which enhances the class of the crime. If you commit a class C-Felony here in NY and it’s done as a hate speech, it becomes a B-Felony. Also, the victim only has to perceive that they were targeted because of their membership of that protected class.

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