4.1 DISCUSSION: Foreign Surveillance After reading the material in Chapter 5 in

4.1 DISCUSSION: Foreign Surveillance
After reading the material in Chapter 5 in the textbook on Edward Snowden, consider this:
Should foreign-gathering intelligence agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA) be limited from collecting information regarding U.S. persons on U.S. soil? Why or why not?
Action Items
Respond to the two questions above. Limit your answers to 200-300 words.
You can use your book as a reference, but please also refer to at least one additional source beyond your textbook.
Then respond to at least one of your classmates. Try to be substantive in your response – don’t just agree or disagree with them.
Cite the sources you use in APA format and as outlined in the syllabus.
Roger Savage
4.1 Discussion
9 days ago
Should the CIA or the NSA be limited from collecting information regarding US persons on US soil? In my opinion no. There are other agencies such as the FBI For that. However if during an investigation information is obtained and it is pertinent to that investigation then yes. But that information should also be shared with the proper intelligence gathering agency. The NSA sometimes collects Americans private communications or data without individual warrants. When it does this from abroad, it is authorized by executive order 12333. In a report from February 11 2022 a release of government reports on 2 Central Intelligence Agency programs has revealed that the organization is most likely collecting more data on American citizens than previously known. When Congress left the executive order 12333 alone, civil liberties experts were concerned that intelligence agencies could still be collecting American data despite the new restrictions on FISA, especially since the digital era data is far less restricted by borders one standout revelation from that report is the sheer number of requests for the unmasking of United States persons information.
Article: Late Night Report Suggests CIA Collecting More Data On Americans (2014)

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