1. This draft should be at least 800 words. (You already have approximately 500

1. This draft should be at least 800 words. (You already have approximately 500 words of it written.)
2. You should use at least two paraphrases from two different sources. Try to use the sources you identified in your I-search essay (but if you feel like you must, you can find new sources).
a. Use a signal phrase to start each paraphrase.Remember, your safest bet is to use “According to…”
b. End each paraphrase with a superscript numeral1. (According to Sally Jenkins of the Washing Post, Spencer Dinwiddie never clicked with the Wizards’chemistry in the locker room and complained about his playing time.1)
c. For this draft, you don’t need a Works Cited page, and you don’t need any sort of formal citations. The signal phrase and superscript numeral are enough!
3. You should have at least 200 words of paraphrasing in this draft. Put your paraphrased material in bold.
a. ~500 words in your last draft + 200 words of paraphrasing means you’ll need at least 100 words of new analysis to get to 800 total words.
b. What should that analysis be? Now that you’veresearched more specific area/areas of that topic, describe to your audience what your research means. Has the research illuminated new concerns or ways to look at the topic? What does it illustrate? Make a comment on what you’ve discovered.
4. Do your best to get rid of any remaining generalizations, abstractions, and fluff.
5. There should be no introduction or conclusion. Just startat the beginning, and end when you’re done providing information and analysis.
The Directions are just about accurate but the 500 words that are apart of the directions will actually need to be about 650-700 words that you generate about the socialization of children, direct/indirect influences and other pertinent issues relating to the socialization of children. The other 100-150 words that you paraphrase from the sources can and should be in bold

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