1) Perhaps one of the most controversial court ruling of the Berger court was de

1) Perhaps one of the most controversial court ruling of the Berger court was declaring abortion as a fundamental right according to the Constitution. The Supreme Court declared that the right to an abortion falls within a woman’s “right to privacy” within the first 6 month and can only be regulated by the state after the 2nd trimester.
Do you agree or disagree with the courts decision in Roe v. Wade and the post-Roe decisions of the Berger court. Explain why or why not. 300 words
2)This week’s readings and videos focus on the lead up to Brown v Board of education, how it happened, and the significance of the decision.
In a post of about 300 words, choose a previous court case that we’ve discussed in class or that you’ve learned about through the readings and identify it’s relevance and how it may have helped or hindered the Brown v. Board of Education decision.
3)In the 2016 and 2020 election, the idea of literacy tests for voting resurfaced in popular discourse. That is, some people argued that literacy tests should be a requirement for voting to show that the American voters are making an educated decision. This is also viewed as a way to restrict votes and infringe on basic democratic rights that will disproportionately impact already marginalized groups (people of color and poor white people). Take the literacy test connected as a document on iLearn. Give yourself only 10 minutes to take the test. Reflect on your experience with this test and ask a discussion question to your group regarding your experience or the overall Voting Rights Act (think literacy tests, polling taxes). 300 words
4) Considering what we learned about Presidential Powers in chapter 38 & 39 of the textbook with regards to foreign policy, draft a mock Constitutional Amendment” addressing how you believe the Presidential Powers should be limited (or not) with regards to foreign policy.
300 words

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