Your client is a 38-year-old Hispanic female who is seeking therapeutic services

Your client is a 38-year-old Hispanic female who is seeking therapeutic services as a result of the depression she has been experiencing from her divorce. She was married for 10 years and her husband had an affair on her. She has a eight-year-old daughter. Although your client experienced a failed relationship she is considering with dating again a year later after her divorced but having a hard time to let go of what happened to her from her last relationship. She is Christian. She has a masters degree in a career. She grew up in a one parent household because her father cheated as well on her mother at a young age.
Cover Page (APA format 7th edition)
Client description including demographics, ethnicity, SES, and education.
Brief description of the presenting problem from a biopsychosocial spiritual framework, completed DSM-V diagnosis, and any ethical, diversity, and/or differences that impacted the treatment session.
Empirical support for using your treatment (2 pages with 3 to 5 peer reviewed references).
How would you collaborate with other professionals in meeting the needs of this consumer (2 to 3 paragraphs)?
How would you advocate for this consumer if needed (2 to 3 paragraphs)?
Self-reflections on what you liked/disliked about following a manualized treatment and what you would have done differently. Include any adaptions you made based on your practice experience or consumer needs.

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